Lakeland Celebration

The Lakeland Celebration was fantastic.  Right from the get-go, our audience was one of our most interactive, vocal and enthusiastic in the whole tour.  Reina, the HSUS rescue horse was fascinating, she’s a LB-Extrovert whose dignity had been shattered, so she was really defensive and appeared aggressive when Pat went to mount her.  Up until then she’d been doing great, but when it came time to ride, she could not give permission and had zero trust.  Watching Pat transform her opinion was fascinating and the true mark of natural horsemanship.  The next day Reina was completely different.  What Pat can do in 30 minutes takes most of us 30 hours, weeks or months!

The best part is that Reina was adopted by one of our top student’s younger brother and Pat offered to take Reina for 2 weeks to make sure he’d gotten her over the ‘hump’.

Remmer was outrageous this weekend – so motivated, exuberant, and playful… like I’ve never seen him before!  Allure’s hind legs were stocked up on Saturday so instead of taking him into my session on extroverts and introverts, I asked if I could use Lauren’s new horse Westpoint.  He’s just like Allure and showed off for Left Brain-Extroverts!  Playing with him was so much fun and I was able to demonstrate that if you encourage a LB-E to do what he wants, pretty soon he’s interested in what you want.  And presto… it worked again ;)

And my lesson with Walter Zettl went well.  People told me how much they enjoyed it and said they could tell how far we’d come.  But it’s hard for me to feel that because I’m so busy doing what Walter tells me to do and struggling with my fluidity and communication with Remmer under the circumstances!  For sure I felt some really super moments in our developing pirouettes, piaffe-passage transitions and flying changes.  Phew!

The Savvy Spotlights were, once again, inspiring and very impressive.  The standard here in Florida is very good, we had entries from Georgia and the Carolinas too.  Pat stepped in and helped a few whose horses got quite Right-Brained about being in front of a 1000+ people, and of course we all love that because it’s highly educational – a lesson with Pat!

Finally watching Lauren ride her upcoming star, Westpoint, was breathtaking… and her Olympic story is always riveting and a good tear-jerker. She’s quite a role model.


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3 responses to “Lakeland Celebration

  1. Tina

    The Lakeland Celebration was great fun and I really enjoyed watching the spotlights and the Savvy Team. Pat is always amazing to watch with a new and difficult horse (and the more I learn, the more I see). Linda’s lesson with Walter Zettle was above my current knowledge level but I still enjoyed watching and committing to memory for future. Lauren brought tears to my eyes with her story and the beautiful demo ride with her new horse, even had hubby in tears watching her. Now, talk about inspiration!!! I did miss seeing Caton this year.

  2. Was this celebration in Lakeland, Florida?

    • Shirley

      HI! Yes, this was in Lakeland Florida. I live in Michigan and was ablet o take vacation time to go to this. It was great!
      There are some new ones scheduled for this year. I hope to get to one but have no set plans yet.
      Very inspiring when I’ve made it to three of the week-end functions in the past six years. Lots of good energy at these events.

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