Everyday I am reminded in some way that Remmer is phenomenal!  He is such a great partner and teacher.  We’ve been together for 11 years now; he was almost 4 when I got him.  Remmer was brought to a clinic that one of our instructors was doing at our Center in Colorado.  I took one look at him jumping around, rearing and misbehaving and fell in love!  He’s playful and opinionated, and he’s taught me a lot about really using psychology.  He is a Left-Brain Introvert with a medium-high spirit.

Remmer’s strengths are his intelligence – he’s a fast learner, his willingness to try anything I ask and his performance at our shows.  He kicks it up a notch and it’s a lot of fun!  I’m also really excited about how we are doing in our Level 5 – 6 pursuits in Finesse with Walter Zettl.  Walter actually apologized to Remmer and me not long ago.  He said when he first saw us together he wondered how this big, heavy horse was going to do as we got more advanced in the dressage maneuvers, but he’s continually amazed at how well he’s doing and that he gets lighter, more up and more athletic all the time!  Nice compliment. :)

I think my favorite show moment with Remmer was a couple of years ago in Tucson.  We were playing at Liberty and he and I parted company.  He ran off to the side, leaping and bucking, and then we both ran to the pedestal and got on it.  I still watch that footage and laugh!  Then just recently, at our Lakeland Celebration during my session on introverts and extroverts, Remmer really cut loose and played hard.  He jumped in the air right in the middle of our play session – he was spectacular!  I know he was having fun and I love when I can see that.

Remmer’s favorite thing to do is eat!  Actually, if I make it fun he loves to do everything I love to do.  His enthusiasm for our partnership keeps on growing and I think part of that is the fact that I’m getting so much better in my horsemanship, so the better I get, the better he gets. :)

Many are curious about what our days together are like.  Well, I feed my horses myself, so no matter what I see him twice a day to feed him.  That’s always a plus for the relationship!  I don’t play with him every day when I’ve got a lot on my plate, so sometimes it’s only 2 – 3 times a week.  We play at Liberty, go for treks up to Pat’s performance barn (about a mile or so across the property), around the block sometimes – that’s all the relaxation part.  Then I play with the Finesse concepts and precision I’m learning from Walter.  Sometimes I tuck it as I’m riding around the Center, and other times I go to the arena and really focus on it.  Then it’s back to the barn, a warm hose down and dinner!

Remmer will be joining us in the UK for our NEC Celebrations.  I hope that if you are in the UK, you can come join us: .


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2 responses to “Remmer

  1. My. I have an extreme LBI too! You and Remmer have been great teachers and whenever you start talking about LBIs, by ears prick and I know your talking to me.


  2. Pamela Watson

    Hi Linda,I have learned so much from watching you and Remmer. My mare is an extreme L/B introvert.She is a very kind horse but getting her motivated has been a challenge She’s a big girl her body was not designed for comfort so ineeded to learn how to sit her trot.thank you for finding a way of teaching that finally makes and Pat have created way to learn about ourselves that reveals both the best in us and our horses

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