Getting Ready for Lexington!

Dear Friends,

It’s so exciting to be heading to Lexington, VA for our first Parelli Across America event this weekend. Last year we restricted our events to Savvy Club members only, but this year we are opening again to the public and there are a LOT of people signed up to be there!

We’ve called Day 1 “Share Parelli” because we are going to share what the Parelli Program is all about – developing savvy with horses in 4 distinct areas: On Line (with varying lengths of line), Liberty (the round corral and beyond), FreeStyle (riding without contact) and Finesse (riding with contact). It is such a complete program and it’s hard for people to really know what it encompasses – even though there are hundreds of thousands of people doing this all over the world! So we have a great program in mind for this, better than we’ve ever done before (in my opinion anyway!).

Day 2 is called “Savvy Club Sunday.” It is for members only, and that includes brand new members. This is where we get more personal and interactive. Pat will do something that shows what he’s been working on (a glimpse of the future for sure) and I will show the new breakthroughs I have with Remmer. Then both Pat and I will coach a student – at different times of course! Pat will work with a Level 3 – 4 and beyond student and I will work with anyone! So I don’t know what I have in store yet, but it could be Level 1-2, 3-4, solving problems, etc. I can’t wait :) For sure you will see something that really speaks to where you or your horse are at and how you can improve your approach or your horse’s connectivity and enthusiasm.

Day 3 is a Savvy Summit, for Savvy Club Gold members. We decided to feature them at each event so they would be more accessible. This is an opportunity for us to get into smaller, more intimate situations and discuss personally topical subjects as well as visions of the future – little things like changing the world! :)

As we head out on Wednesday, Pat and I will be focusing on all the details of how to make this our best show yet. And, of course, Vinny will be there!

Yours Naturally,

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  1. steelerim

    We can’t wait for Saturday! The last time we had a chance to see you and Pat in action was the last Savvy Conference at the ISC in Colorado. Have a safe trip up to Virginia! =D

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