On the road to Lexington

Dear Friends,

Pat and I are currently on the road to Lexington, VA for our event this weekend. People have asked me before, “What do you do to prepare for a show?” and that question was on my mind as I sat down to write today.

The best thing about doing our shows is that I don’t “practice.” My role is to be real, to show what it is I do every day and can do at a moment’s notice. I don’t think of this as a performance, I think of it as a time to showcase the relationship I have developed with my horses (in this case, Remmer). So what you’ll see is me playing with him, talking about my difficult background with a dangerous horse, how Parelli changed things, our history (how Remmer came into my life), what it means to put the relationship first and how achievable this is for ANYONE.

One of the things people have told me they love is seeing when things go wrong, and Remmer and I can do that! In performance situations things always go wrong in some way, but you have to cover it up. And unless you really know what to look for, most people don’t even notice…but the rider does, and the horse especially does! So what I do is keep it all open and transparent. I want people to see the flaws and to know what to do when it happens, to not fake it for the horse or for the audience. In fact, over the years, that is what I get the most ‘thanks’ for…for being real, for showing what happens in reality and not being so ‘perfect.’ Perfection is an illusion…and horses hate it! We need to learn to be perfectly in the moment, to be ready to adjust for the horse in whatever way is required to keep him safe, confident, engaged, playful and connected.

Remmer and I are doing some awesome things. Our relationship is the best it has ever been, and we’re also able to do some pretty advanced things both on the ground and riding. So I revel in that, but even more importantly, I’m always thinking about how I can make the next person’s journey even better and even easier.

Hope to see you in Lexington,


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25 responses to “On the road to Lexington

  1. Julie Georges

    Lexington was FABULOUS!! It’s hard to choose my one favorite part because it kept changing…the Mastery students were FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Linda bareback on Remmer was AWESOME, Pat and his “too sexy” riding was, well, TOO SEXY:0))) He gave us all some phenomenal insight about riding while totally entertaining us at the same time!! But Linda….you and Remmer doing dressage touched my soul….I wanted to scream “She DID it!!!! Now maybe I finally can, TOO!!” I have found myself torn between Parelli world and dressage – now I can just walk away from “traditional methods” and learn it ALL from you!
    I love you guys!!! …you and Pat are as great together as peanut butter and chocolate!! Thank you so very much for all you have shared!!
    We LOVE YOU!!!!! Julie and Equinox (LBE:)

  2. DeeDee

    Dear Mrs. Parelli,
    I am 13 years old. I have been now to two of your Parelli conferences and i just love them! What you do is so incredable and you make it look so easy! (Which it’s not) You are such a great instructure and helper with people that are training their horses. You are such an inspiration to me, because I wish one day I will be as good as you. You may know Len and Dale Adler, but we are very good friends of theirs and we went with them to your conference in Lexington. We had a BALL! Mr. Adler made me a deal, and he said that if I can get my horse (Turlington) to step up on the pedastool, make her move over with the smallest touch and get her to come to me just by patting my chest he said he would build me a rding arena! I will work as hard as I can to get the arena and watch the video’s I will achieve that goal! I will write on here again in May to let you know. I have to accomplish this by May 1st. I can do it!
    DeeDee Querolo

  3. Becky Heffner

    The Western PA Parelli Pals are here in Lexington and luvin’ it! We love Vinnie and all the new Parelli friends we are making!
    Pam, Mary, Rita, Lynda & Becky

  4. Marshall Buckles

    Dear Mrs. Parelli:
    My daughter, Savvy Club member Beth, is excited that you all are FINALLY (as she says) coming to Virginia. We will be at Lexington. If I may, I’d like to share an idea. There are some colleges and universities, nowadays, which offer online distance eduction. I’ve thought that it would be great if the Parelli organization could partner with one of the regionally accredited colleges or universities (or several of them if that would work) in order to offer the Parelli courses for college credit as part of a certificate program and/or a degree program. Just a thought. Well, ma’am, I need to get to bed so we can drive to Lexington in the morning. We will look forward to seeing you all live instead of on TV for a change. May God bless you all and grant you traveling mercies as you go on your tour. And thank you for being a wonderful influence on my horse loving daughter(and, hey, I love horses too)! You all are awesome! Respectfully, Marshall Buckles(Beth’s daddy), Rockville, VA

    • Lidapink

      I too think it would be great to see Parelli offered as part of a curriculum at colleges/universities. Offering it as a distance course is a doable solution.

    • Wouldn’t that be wonderful? There is lots in store for the future, and you might be interested to know that we are already accredited by the State of Colorado.

  5. Linda Richards

    Hey Linda!

    Love your blog! I also love how honest and open you are. What a gift of communication you have! Can’t wait to follow the events for the week-end. Wish I were there. See you in TEXAS!

    Linda- one 0f your newest 1*

  6. Anne Marie

    Linda, your posts are such an insparation to me as I am only on the Porcupine game with my beautiful boy :). Thanks for all that you do!

    • That’s wonderful Anne – just remember not to try to make it perfect! Expertise grows as you progress through the levels, so get it functional and get on with it. Your horse will appreciate that too, they are not much into perfection! But they know when we’re trying for them.

  7. Elizabeth

    Sand Savvy Players members will be there this weekend also–we are soooooo excited!!

  8. Linda,

    We do appreciate you and your ability to teach us through your trials! I also wanted to let you know that I just had some lessons with one of your 3 star instructors, Christine Madoni, and really learned a lot. Thanks for everything that has improved my relationship and respect with my partners!

  9. Ann Rasmussen

    Thank you for being real. I often feel like I have to be perfect. When I let go of that, I learn more about my relationship with Africa. Watching a master like you work through challenges, makes it easier to work through our own.

    Coming to the Columbus in June. Yeah!!!


  10. Clare

    The members of the Parelli Play Group of the Virginias are so excited that you guys will be visiting us in Lexington! We are sure to have a great time this weekend!! :-)

  11. That is so well said a nd it shows in the performance and in the results. people feel drawn in and know they are watching something wonderfull and very different!

  12. Bonnie Triplett

    Thank you for keeping the program and relationship with your horse(s) real. This is what I love about this program, you and Pat have been so open and honest to share your knowledge with us common folks and not afraid to show flaws. Yes, we all learn from our mistakes and we just need to be gracious enough to look at ourselves to see where we need to improve for the sake of our horses. When this happens our horses give us back so much more. It just takes the wonderful knowing look from our horse (there is my human! = ) Yes! That look is worth a thousand words.

  13. It’s so nice that you take the time to share your personal thoughts with us. Not everyone can do that.
    I hope that one day life allows me and my partner Mark to indulge in one of your courses but for now it is so nice that you and Pat touch our lives the way you do.

  14. victoria schanzle

    Transparency can be very powerful. I remember seeing Parelli at the Expo in Sacramento, CA with the O’Conners. Pat and David were doing a presentation with David showing how to start your horse over fences. They had a small jump , about 18″ , set up and David was to demonstrate how to approach it and pop over it, only David’s horse stopped and off he came. Seeing him fall over a small fence made me really good, even Gold metal winners fall, and over an 18″ fence. Now thats transparency. Of course Davbid was most gracious he brushed himself off and said that falling off in front of a few hundred people was far better than falling off infront the entire viewing public as with the Olympics.
    Savvy-on to Virginia.

  15. Bekah


    Can’t wait to see you & Pat in Lexington. I am very excited to go to my first Parelli event & am even more excited to start Parelli with my horse!

  16. Brenda Miller

    Cannot wait until Saturday. It will be my Parelli experience-a great birthday gift from my father who will be joining me!

  17. Judy

    Linda- I’m very happy you don’t cover the mistakes up. We, as the learning audience, need to see when the communication isn’t quite right, or Remmer isn’t in the mood. These are all situations students deal with everyday and need to learn how to handle. For goodness sake, we’re only human……and horse.
    Keeping it real is one thing I love about this program, learning comes from the mistake and to do-over.
    When are we going to see Allure in the show? I have a LBE and would love to see now you work with Allure.

    • Allure was actually in Texas with me because we’re headed to Pagosa, but not in the show. There has to be a special segment for him and me! But he’s finally well again – had a thyroid crash in the winter that is now back on track. Just started playing with him again a couple of weeks ago, had a great ride too. Of course he still challenges me, but I’m much better for him now!

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