Recalling My Dream

Dear Friends,

I had a wonderful play with my horses today, the first since we arrived in Pagosa last week.  Things are just starting to get green and there is still snow on the mountain tops, just gorgeous.  Our crew is busy getting the ranch (campus) ready for the summer and Pat has his sleeves rolled up and is making lots of changes.  Vinny is in dachshund heaven with lots of mole holes everywhere… I have to keep him on a leash when we go outside because he won’t come when I call!  His instincts take over and he frantically digs and tears at holes hoping to find a prize in there so I’ve got to put a fence up around the house to contain him here!

Back to my ride, after a short session in the little arena behind my house (the one you’ve seen on many of our DVDs with the gorgeous Russian Sage bushes – which are just sticks right now!), Remmer was tuned in and ready to go.  So I mounted up and turned Allure loose to follow and went for a ride from my house all the way over to the other side of the ranch.  Remmer is so funny, he is the most perceptive horse I’ve ever owned, noticing the tiniest changes and differences and always making sure they are not life threatening!  Our neighbors have some goats (weren’t there last summer) and he saw them from the hill almost half a mile away and was frozen in place for a good 2 minutes.

After about 40 mins of cruising around kind of like a trail ride, nice and relaxing, I headed to Arena Grande in preparation for a Savvy Club video segment we’re shooting tomorrow.  Remmer was just lovely, and as I rode home with Allure grazing and then galloping to catch up with me, I suddenly remembered a ski trip my parents took us kids on in Australia when I was about 8 years old.  We were in Perisher Valley having lunch in the hotel and there was a dramatic life-size bronze of the Man From Snowy River outside.  As I gazed out the window a woman cantered up on her horse with another horse following her at liberty.  I watched as she stopped to talk to someone and the other horse was playing around her.  I was so excited!  I was so obsessed with horses and this was like a dream… I ran out the door just as she cantered off amidst swirling clouds of snow.  I remember the gripping feeling in my heart… I was seeing something I dreamed about.

And now here I am doing just that.  Sometimes it feels unbelievable to me, the level of unity and connection I have with my horses is so special.

Is there something you always dreamed of doing with horses that you can now do?  How about sharing it with us? :)

Yours naturally,



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69 responses to “Recalling My Dream

  1. Oh my, Linda! It’s not really so much what I’ve dreamed about doing as what I’ve dreamed about ‘feeling’! That kind of feeling in your chest on a quiet afternoon and your laying on the ground with your horse grazing beside you. That is what I’ve dreamed of. :) :) :) :) :) That is the dream I’m living.

  2. Miss Cindy

    I don’t know how I ever got lucky enough to be living my dream.

    When I was a kid in Texas, during school, I’d read this book where each chapter was about a different state. After reading the whole book, I told myself that there were two states that I wanted to go to and live in someday, either Kentucky or Virginia. Why? Because I read of green grass, horses, and babbling brooks. (Texas only had 1 out of 3… no such thing as water in a creek bed where I grew up.)
    Horses have been number 1 in my life ever since I was very young, and I’m now living the dream on a beautiful horse farm in Northern Virginia. I ride down the road on my very well behaved Parelli horse where we stop and just get quiet and listen to the babbling brook.
    Sigh……….smiling now……..and still wondering how this could all happen to me.

  3. Janet Gordon D.V.M.

    Hi Linda and fellow Parelli Passionistas!
    I can relate to Linda’s comment of finally realizing my dream. I’ve been a small animal and avian Veterinarian for 29 years with a horse passion. I have mentioned to Pat on previous occasions that his principles are based in solid behavior concepts. I feel this is what separates the Parelli program from other Natural Horsemanship methods. I do a variation of the 7 Games for my bird patients. (I still mean to write something up on this Linda and will send it to you) I am so fortunate that I get to play with a variety of animals and their owners with a shared committment to improving their quality of life.
    My dream horse partner is an extreme RBE who is at the cusp of LBE/LBI. ( Recently verified in his Horsenality Report) He’s a 16 year old Arabian Gelding appropriately named High Voltaj. We are riding and playing in Level 3 now. Another passion for my need to express my own high play drive is dancing. I recently had the video camera on in the arena while being inspired by the Olympic ice skaters. A freind asked me to e-mail it to him. I put it on You Tube to make it easier to access. I have Black-Eyed-Peas playing “Boom-Boom-Pow” in the background as well as “Fire Burning” as I love Hip-Hop music. I didn’t think it was a candidate for Parelli tube because of this. I would love to share it with you if you wouldn’t mind. This is where I fully realized how much I am truly living my dream. (On You Tube Search: J-Go and High Voltaj “hoof-hop” dancing)
    I can’t thank you enough Linda and Pat, as well as all of our Parelli family as inspiration comes from each and every one of us!

  4. I live a little dream everyday, when I figure another piece of the training puzzle and it fits in perfect! I have struggle for 40 years with my horses and others horses. The last 3 years learning from you and Pat have been the best, and wow what progress I have made! It just amazes me daily. What can be better than that?

  5. Melanie Baker

    Hi Linda

    I once met Pat in one of the signing lines at the Birmingham NEC event and told him that Parelli had saved our lives (me and my horse, Thomasina) – I’m sure Pat must have thought, here’s another crazy emotional horsey woman but he just smiled and signed my book. I’ve always wanted to explain what I meant. Like Regalo, Thom was the horse that forced me to find another way that didn’t involve whips and spurs and I really think she was sent to lead me to Parelli. Parelli meant that Thom and I developed an amazing relationship when things had been at rock bottom with traditional methods. Parelli meant I didn’t feel like a failure any more, I didn’t get hurt because I rode a horse that wasn’t ready and Parelli meant my horse didn’t have a life unfulfilled and misunderstood because no-one had any better ideas. Sadly, just one week after the NEC event, a catastrophic laminitis attack meant I had to make the most awful decision of my life and say goodbye to my beautiful girl. I really believe that if I hadn’t found Parelli, this could well have been the end of horses for me and I would have lost my dreams. Through this awful time, I used to watch my Parelli DVDs and programmes and it helped me to stay connected to horses and to my dreams. A year ago this weekend I met another Parelli student who was looking for a natural home for one of her horses as redundancy was looming. So a lovely welsh mare called Dice became mine. We have an amazing relationship already – we’re having so much fun and life is good again. Thank you Pat and Linda, Parelli kept me going in my darkest hour and I’m now living my dreams of a beautiful relationship with my horse and enjoyng life again.

    Thank you so much.


  6. It took 50 years for my horse and ranch dream to come true!! But here it is and every day is like the first day of my wish!
    I moved to TX, in 2007, from New England via romance. The first thing I HAD to do was buy a horse! I bought my horse before I even registered my car!!! I joined the Savvy club and have been to two Parelli events. I am at level one and on my way.
    I created a private, Parelli Passion Bulletin blog. Of which, I share it with seven other Savvy club members who live in this Brazoria County. We have monthly meets where we practice Parelli natural horsmanship skills.
    I am so unbelievably happy, content and in love with everything. My horse, Spur Jangles, happiness is so evident. She smiles every time she “gets it.”
    Pat & Linda thank you so much for creating the most amazing schooling program for horses and owners! We support all your endeavors!

  7. Saralee Garber

    Hi, Linda,
    I first want to compliment you on your beautiful writing. I enjoy reading your things for their depth of understanding, correctness, and gifted use of the language.

    My dream changes over and over as new things happen. Usually, I didn’t know how cool certain things could feel in communicating with my horse until he would offer me something that I didn’t expect. I just keep saying, “If I’d have known this 10, 20, 30, years ago, my horses back then would have been so different with me.” I love it!

    I love hearing that you feel you are living your dream. I just watched the latest featured videos on Parellitube, and am wondering if Pat feels he is living his dream, too. He always says he dreams of having students as good as he is at half his age. I think he’s getting close from the looks of things.

    Thank you for all you do for the good of horses and humans, the world is a better place because of it.

  8. Saralee Garber

    My dream with horses just keeps changing and taking new shapes. It always seems I’m saying, “If I would have had any idea I could do this with my horses 10 years ago…”. It’s always something new, and my horse gives and gives. He loves sharing with me.

  9. On most blogging sites I tend to read the first few then move on. This site, I have to read everyone’s so Parelli certainly makes you curious! I can’t really say I had a dream regarding horses as I thought that the time in my teens would be my only chance to be with them. I have always been gentle, sensitive and occasionally brave, (because the horses would become RB because of the teaching methods I saw used). I only became involved again in the past 18 months, as a local girl (my friend’s daughter’s friend) came off Rory whilst out riding on our local roads. She fell badly (she had a hat on) she never regained consciousness, God Bless You Charlotte, you are missed. I helped her Mum, Julie, in looking after Rory in the following months, I eventually bought him. I rode him a couple of times and whilst in the old way I could manage him, I found that I did not want to hold him on a tight rein or have him jigging down the middle of the road. Fortunately for him and me I found Parelli. My dream was born, I treated myself to a front row seat at the UK celebration and knew I had come home. Its funny because I worried in case the Celebration did not come up to expectation, it exceeded it! seeing you get upset at the Rolkur and the terrible things that men do to horses, seeing Magic’s devotion to Pat. The Savvy Spotlights were just wonderful especially Mikey’s. Oh, to be young again (52 now) and know this then. I am not “Savvy” yet and don’t have enough imagination and loads of time, but I am getting there. I fully intend to go to Stoneleigh next year, wanted it to be this year but funds went to helping my daughter move to Singapore. She is a Pilot with TIGER airways so if you hear her name (Katie) please say hello to her. I make her watch my Parelli DVD’s when she is home :-)
    so thank you Linda and Pat for giving me a dream I didn’t even know I needed.

  10. Bernadette Lampman

    The first time I watched a video of Linda and Remmer I thought, Oh my gosh that horse acts just like mine! Fisher King is a 12 year old Clydesdale Takehner cross that I have had since he was 4 months old. A left brain introvert and herd leader. Parelli has literally saved my life with this horse but Linda and Remmer keep keeping me inspired because he still notices everything and freezes on the trail. It was such a break through for me to realize that he is a superior horse in the horse world and why he will always be on the look out even if I think new things on the trail are no big deal. Now that I understand him we have become so much closer and enjoy each other even more. and that close bond has always been my dream. thankyou thankyou thankyou!

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