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  1. Amy Lyman

    Dear Linda,
    Three years ago I went to Pagossa Springs an had a great time. (Thanks) I was so excited to find someone who thought the same way I do about horses and how to handle them.I was also excited to get home and put into practice the things I had learned from you. I purchased level 1&2. I came home and got in a car crash the broke my neck in 5 places and my back in 2 places. I have recovered pretty much all the way. I still have some weakness on the right side. I’m very lucky. While recovering I watched level 1& 2 read Stephanie’s book. Loved it, it was great. Now I am working with -Mustangs..OH MY! lol. A friend and I where doing horse rescue and I ened up with them. They are straight from BLM. One is Mr. Mellow, he chose my 13yr old son as his person. He had been in captivity since he was a yearling and I guess he was ready to move on. He has done beautifuly. He is five this yr and Justin will be riding him soon. The other one came in off the range a yr ago in Jan. He is very unhappy. When he was at his first home he was like a failure to thive baby. After three months of training, He had truned his head to the wall and wouldn’t eat. When he came out of his stall he would just pull back and run away. After three days I got him home where I have a herd and he has been running with them. He is much happier but I dont know where to start with him. He was handled with roughness (Flying W techquine was used to lay him down) he is not very trusting of humans. I can’t even catch him any more. he is big black and beautiful I have really become attached to him. How can I reach him? I feel like I’m running out of time cuz he is already 5 0r 6. I did ride him once up the Mt I came off of him it was totaly my fault I’m just now healed from that one and now ready to start over. But where to start? Please advise many thanks
    Amy Lyman and Renagade.